Stepping back from Rise of Kingdoms

This post is just for my friends to know the skinny. I’ve asked my good friend KuF to take my account and wage war with it, so it can carry on and I will be there in spirit!

Why the step back? I did an assessment of my experience in the game and make some decisions, to keep it brief:

  • War is fun, major fun, and for usually a week during kvk I had a major blast. Most everything else in the game is less fun, down to tedious for me. I can live with that, though.
  • The game lacks a catch-up mechanic. No matter what you spend, you can’t get yourself to a scenario where it is skill and dedication that is more of a factor vs account age or investment. Games like World of Warcraft will reset each expansion and everyone is on the same playing field. In a rated match in that game, you will win due to skill/dedication. RoK lacks this critical feature – this is the death blow for me as a gamer.
  • Too much of the game is a lottery system and the value per game purchase is 1/1000th of what it should be in my opinion. If I were designing it, I’d say a $99 purchase should get you a fully expertised meta commander at max level; or a full set of legendary gear refined and iconic 5…. That this is not even in the same world of what they are doing, well, that shows you how i feel about the game cost.
    • Q: if RoK is a pay-to-win game, then why when you pay do you still not “win”? Starts to feel like a scam, not a game.
  • I don’t like a game that makes it difficult to take time off. Why if I am taking a family vacation to England do I have to worry about my negative impact on my kingdom in kvk seeding? Poor game design decision.
  • I try to remember “Sunk Cost Fallacy” which is the concept that often you continue to do stuff, in spite of it not being in your best current interest, because you have “invested too much.” I try to not get caught in that and am willing to walk away from an un-fun game, regardless of prior investment of time/money.

I wish all my gaming friends much fun and continued success in RoK. I’ll be off to my next adventures which will probably including trying the next World of Warcraft expansion, continuing to reach masters every month in Eternal by Dire Wolf (and cursing them out every month at how much I hate the power system), dabble in Hearthstone, and then probably my own gaming project “Boneeaters”.