Primary commander talent builds (open field)

Here are the talent builds I use for primary commanders in the open field in Rise of Kingdoms. Note that secondary commander builds are not used at all, so are not important. Note which commanders you should invest in I cover in my meta watch blog, the below list has those and some others, but only invest in that list.

My current primary commanders

Guan Yu [Skill/Infantry]

Alexander Nevsky, Huo Qubing [Skill/Cavalry]

Zhuge Liang [Skill/Archer]

Charles Martel [Defense/Infantry]

Yes, I still use Martel quite often in the field. Mostly because I don’t have -every- meta commander (for example, I don’t have Sargon expertised, and until he is, he isn’t good). Double-relic’d Martel is still viable. I tend to like Martel more than Richard, but he is also a decent option for a 2nd or 3rd infantry march if you are going heavy infantry.

My current secondary commanders who could do well as prime commanders if needed

Scipio Prime [Infantry/Support]

Boudica Prime [Archer/Skill]