Where to spend gems

Note: I tried for a bit, but am now a low-spend player after assessing the lack of value given for -everything- in the game. Just a few too many 100 spins on the wheel with 0x8 heads, a few hundred useless armaments, and a kvk mismatch that puts you in an impossible to compete scenario for my taste. So, my motto was, “turn my bad luck into Lilith’s bad luck.” 😉

Also, if you reflect overall on value for spend, Lilith gives way too little in every front. And the game rewards length of play over anything else, you will never catch up to older players – they have refinements you won’t get for literally years. The game simply doesn’t offer any reasonable form of “catch up” like other games (such as World of Warcraft) and you will never be on an even play field.

  • 💰💰Event: Wheel of Fortune
    This event is how you gather many of the meta commanders. If you are not working on a specific meta commander for the wheel, then completely skip it except for the free spins.
  • 💰💰Event: 7,000 gem event (such as Let there be Moonlight)
    Spend 7,000 gems, get to level 25, you end up getting 5,000 gems back. Winnar. Always do this event. I try to remember to keep 10k gems at all times in case this one pops.
  • 💰Event: Holy Knight’s Treasure
    Good until you need no epic gear at all – then it’s rough. Be sure to manage the right blueprints you want in the selection. You will get good materials and patterns to help craft or refine gear.
  • 💰Event: More than Gems
    Spend gems on things you would anyway, but save for this event when you can.
  • 💰Event: Hunt for History
    I go heavy on this event to focus on specific blueprints like set pieces and for accessories such as Wind Scars.
  • 🤺Mysterious Merchant’s Boutique
    1. Resources (tokens): always get the ones you can using resources (not gems). Turning resources in “tokens for resources” is a big win.
    2. Speedups: Get all that you can with resources. I then spend gems for Healing, Training, and Any speedups. For me, in kvk, those speedups are critical.
    3. Boosts: Get the gathering speed and each of the rss boosts using resources (not gems). You use these for the daily. Grab the Advanced Army Expedition (50% one, not the 25%) when it costs less than 2500 gems!
    4. Other. Get any with resources. I’ll still spend gems on equipment materials and once in a while teleports or stars if I need them.
  • 🤺VIP Store
    Again, always get the stuff you can using resources (AP recovery, speedups)! After that there are still things I’ll spend gems on such as fragments for blueprints for legendary gear (assuming you are chasing set pieces or refining set pieces – but note that the equipment events above are better), Advanced Army Expedition (NOTE: try to get them from the boutique when less than 2500 gems), knowledge tomes, equipment materials (all of them, but especially legendary and epic), and speedups (again, I try to stock serious amounts of healing/training/all speedups).
  • 👺Event: Esmerelda’s House (and EVERY other event)
    I’ve gotten suckered into doing some of the other events and they are all pretty bad, often really, really bad.

Advice from meta watch

Omniarch has a fantastic video on where to spend gems. Watch it – then throw a like and subscribe, of course, support the best! Note some of my recommendations above deviate from his strategy.