Attack of the BiiBiis Milestone 1


Just shy of a month from starting, the first playable prototype – milestone 1 – is here! It includes 4 levels, 3 base upgrades, a menu system, weapons including a broom and bomb, a buff system, and more. Using a placeholder monster, the game is now playable through level 4. I will be doing a video next to walk through it.

  1. ☑ Initial project idea and monster early designs (Aug 10) [blog]
  2. ☑ Learn basics of Roblox Coding (done enough Aug 10-22 ish) [blog]
  3. ☑ Default broom weapon (done Aug 22)
  4. ☑ Buff system (done enough Aug 28)
  5. ☑ Heartbeat timer system and game events tied to a schedule (done! Aug 28)
  6. ☑ Currency system (RJ Bucks) and server storage (done Aug 28) [blog]
  7. ☑ BiiBii behavior (eat lands, fidgit in land they are eating – possibly moving to adjacent lands or falling off the earth by accident, move to center) (done Aug 29)
  8. ☑ Land health HuD (or make map bigger and use chat alerts?) (done Aug 30) [blog]
  9. ☑ If home base is destroyed, end level without rewarding RJ Bucks (and yes, lose any spent RJ Bucks on buffs)
  10. ☑ Add base upgrade system for intermission spend of RJ bucks (done Sep 7)
  11. ☑ Ability to switch which player’s base is being used and to trade RJ bucks (done Sep 7)
  12. ☑ Redo the DataStorage solution so we can store multiple values per person (done Sep 5)
  13. ☑ Level selection (so you can replay any prior unlocked level) and unlock next level when successfully completing one (done Sep 5)
  14. ☑ Level 1 – 4 designs so we have some progression in difficulty out of the shoot [blog]
  15. ☑ Tutorial/Help system (done Sep 6)
  16. MILESTONE 1 – Playable version of game, but using placeholder monster models