Meta Watch

I’m making this blog mostly to organize my thoughts on what to pursue given the “meta” (Most Effective Tactic Available) of the Rise of Kingdoms game. See the bottom for links to the best sources to learn about the meta game.

The meta commanders to focus on

Most commanders are from the Wheel of Fortune or the Mightiest Governor Event (mge).

TypeMeta “must have”Good for now – but careful, phasing out
Open field (Archers)1. Zhuge Liang
2. Boudica Prime
3. Yi Seong-Ge
Artemesia I (only if you have Boudica expertised)
Henry V
Open field (Cavalry)1. Alexander Nevsky
2. Joan of Arc Prime
3. Huo Qubing
Minamoto (VIP)
William I
Saladin (for slow)
Xiang Yu
Open field (Infantry)(soon) Gorgo1
(soon) Liu Che1
1. Scipio Prime
2. Sargon
3. Guan Yu
Pyrrhus (new accounts and possibly good with Liu Che)
Alexander the Great (possible resurrection due to Liu Che)
Charles Martel (so tanky that I often still use him)
Constantine I (yea, so I did do the relic for the bonus to normal attack in anticipation of smite)
Garrison captains only(soon) Gorgo1
1. Dido
2. Heraclius
3. Zhuge
Zenobia (possible resurrection due to Gorgo)
Flavius (possible resurrection due to Gorgo)
Rally captains onlyJustinian, Tariq, Sargon, Pakal, Henry V, Nevsky

Smite coming, big meta change likely

1 The next infantry commanders will introduce a new damage type called “smite” and it will break the meta… So keep that in mind when doing your investments and try to save up gold commander sculptures and experience tokens.

Where to learn the meta

The best source are some great YouTubers, I follow these guys and watch their new videos:

  • Chisgule Gaming – excellent breakdown of meta tactics, and cool hair. Smash your enemies!
  • Omniarch – i really like the frank discussion such as why the armaments system sucks. Cheers!
  • Shinchi42 – really good for stuff like picking your civilization