About FixiGames

Hello! My name is Rich Andrews and I created FixiGames to blog about fun stuff about video games I like or just general game theory. This project is a hobby, and a passion, for me.


Years ago I created a website called MrFixitOnline.com that ran a bunch of online tournaments for real-time strategy games like Age of Empires and Empire Earth. I got published in a AoE strategy guide (they got my name wrong, but they got my website right!) We got really popular back then with about 3 million visitors a month, got flown around the world to teach gaming companies and high-power players about gaming, and just had soooo much fun!

That project ended and I moved to some other adventures. Playing the online game World of Warcraft my guild gave me the moniker “Fixi,” which was an evolution from “Mr.Fixit” and it stuck. So I have kept that for many years now.


Then in 2021 my nephewson Michael and his son Ryan and daughter Emily introduced me to Roblox. After just a little time in it, I thought, “hey, wouldn’t it be fun to create a game together?” As with many of those silly ideas, I decided to run with it. I created this site just to collect my musings.