Intro Video for Home Page

(approximately 5 minutes, repeating loop)

Nal and her pod are walking, slowly, towards something out of sight…

Nal: … careful … slowly …
Sharlek: … scared … run? …
Tivray: … danger … unsafe …

We now see from behind Nate, Vanishi, and Steve and they are looking at the pod closing in on them.
The pod inches closer, Vanishi’s arms start to widen in preparation for battle. Steve just looks uncomfortable, as he often does. Nate stands calm.

Close up of Vanishi in foreground and Nate just a little behind.

Vanishi: They are closing in.
Nate: I see that.

Vanishi taps a button on her wrist, and a phaser type of weapon materializes and she grabs it in mid air. She points the phaser at Nal. She looks confident and unafraid. She is going to make sure they stay safe.

The pod stops and stands a bit taller, sort of like prairie dogs, looking at Vanishi. Then Sharlek and Tivray start running away. They run comically fast in a lumbering way and resemble tumbleweeds, kicking up dust as they go.

Sharlek and Tivray: Rrrriii rrriii rrriiiii

Nate quickly puts his hands on top of Vanishi’s hand and phaser. He pushes her hand down, Vanishi resists only slightly but allows it.

Nate: No, put that away right now.

Vanishi looks at Nate, annoyed.

Vanishi: I am head of security.

Nate looks at Vanishi with an imploring but confident look.

Nate: And I’m the captain, so let’s just put a pin in that wrestling match right now. Look, we know nothing about these creatures, do not open with aggression.
Vanishi: Your analogies are as bad as your wrestling skills… “captain.”

Close up of Nal, she is really studying Nate.

Nal: … that one … calming …

The team is looking at Nal now, Nate’s posture is calm, his hands up and trying to be non-threatening. Vanishi has her hand on her phaser, but it’s at her side. Steve is standing with hands at his side, totally unsure of how to both not look scared and not look threatening.

Nate: That one didn’t run. And she doesn’t look aggressive.

Close up of Nal’s face.

Nal: … pod leader? …

Close up of Nate’s face.

Nate: Maybe she is their matriarch?

Steve pulls his hands up, then hits a button on his wrist, and then a science screen pops into thin air in front of him. It is showing a scan of Nal, but only has her outline and the words “undetermined life form”
Steve: It’s very strange, it doesn’t show up well on the scans. There is some kind of interference, even down here.

Nal’s eyes go wide at seeing Steve’s screen.

Nal: … fire! … weapon! … run!

Nal turns and runs with her pod.

Nal: Rrrriii rrriii rrriiiii

Nate turns to Steve, a look of disappointment on his face.

Nate: Really Steve?
Steve: What? That’s just a sci screen, not a weapon.

Nate crosses his arms.

Nate: And she was supposed to know that how?
Steve: Uh, right. I’m too used to plants, not critters. Sorry captain.

Vanishi is studying Nate, and is very disappointed.
Vanishi (thought balloon): She? Ugh.

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