First project: Attack of the BiiBiis

Welcome to! I am kicking off the site with an ongoing blog on the creation of our first game, “Attack of the BiiBiis.”

After being introduced to Roblox by my nephew (whom I proudly call son) Michael and his son Ryan and daughter Emily, this game concept just popped in my head – with the Bii Bii creatures named and falling from the sky, to eat up the world!

Game Premise

Extra-dimensional creatures (called BiiBiis – pronounced “bee bees”) have suddenly started appearing in our world and are eating our land!  We need help to stave off this invasion!  Grab your strongest weapon – which is, of course, a broom!!  Go go go the world needs saving!

Game Objectives

  • Fun, family game that rewards planning and strategy
  • Provide escalating difficulty by level that is smooth and fun, while offering challenges to overcome
  • Provide extended gameplay to allow for repeat playing and ongoing new challenges
  • Have in-game rewards that are unlocked by accomplishing “feats” – which can be a combination of difficulty and timed challenges that feel rewarding when completed
  • Have some gamepasses that will offer bonuses, but not make every challenge trivial
  • Have an easy to use and strong teamwork option so family and friends can play the same game together – team up to save the world!  This option can also smooth out really difficult challenges, letting people complete them with help.  It would be ok for some challenges to be extremely hard without help, this game is meant to encourage teams.

Monster Design

My early drawings to flesh out the Bii Bii:

My first concept art (1) was basically what I saw in my head in the moment of creation.  After I drew it, I wondered if it was really “unique enough.”  There are a lot of creative people in the world and a lot of nifty creatures.  Perhaps I should develop the design a bit to try to draw out some more unique aspects to my “adorable beholder.”

(2) The tentacles in more of a hairstyle effect, but instead of eyes, they are all mouths.  Then when the creature starts eating the world, the mouths could all animate separately to eat.

(3) ended up too childish for my kids’ game… (lol??)

(4) A fish-like option could work and be fun

(5) The furry one really hit quick for me, loved this one even as I was drawing it! 

Also, note that the logo concept started to evolve too with the is having eyes (or Bii Biis??) as their dot.

As a next step item, I think I’ll take concept art 5 and do a sequence of different emotions and see how the design works – they all need to be adorable! But not only that, can they be unique and interesting?