Adding some (pie) flavor

Haven’t worked on the project in a bit, but one of those ideas popped in and I wanted to explore it. The game concept needs another level of interest. Something more fun and engaging. This came to mind: our home base should be a pie shop. It creates pies on a schedule and our objective is to keep the shop from being sold out. When the BiiBiis reach the shop, they would then eat our inventory until we run out and the game is over.

New Currency and Economy

The schedule that makes pies provides an inherent value and pace. It provides a progression feeling that if you stave off the invasion, you gain power and abilities. We can then do other things that affect the schedule such as supply deliveries and increased productivity buffs. Maybe buy a chef’s outfit that also increases productivity rate.

Slapstick mojo, Non-violent theme

The current model of BiiBiis dropping from the sky and marching to the base (which is now our pie shop) holds. However, we could throw pies at BiiBiis and feed them before they get to the shop. Pie-in-the-face sort of action sounds fun! And perhaps feeding them away from the shop is much cheaper than if they arrive to eat at the shop (they are disruptive customers!) And when they are at the shop the “money schedule” is interrupted because other customers won’t buy pies with the riff-raff in the store.

For some fun ambiance, the BiiBiis could say “pie” when they see the shop and move towards it so we hear a chorus of them asking for pies.

Rework “weapons” to be pies

Different favor pies would have different effects. We can turn the bomb into a blueberry pie, for example. Then players could have multiple, different pies they can select for different reasons. Maybe ice cream pie has a slowing effect on BiiBiis that it hits. And a hot cherry pie could make them run away for a while.

Base building

Another upgrade could be a “pie stand” that the BiiBiis would go to if it is in range, stopping their march to the shop. The pie stand inventory could be upgraded so stronger versions can be used as you scale up. You get to place them in our base before starting levels so you can maximize impact or change due to new scenario pressures.

The types of pies could be upgrades too so you can earn the ability to make ice cream pies or hot cherry pies.

Escort event

Another upgrade could be “Emergency Supplies” that have a truck come to the shop. You would need to defend the truck from the BiiBiis, of course. But when it arrives, boom, big new inventory.

Summary so far

The pie theme fits very well with the core idea – non-violent, but fun gaming. Instead of killing BiiBiis, our job is to feed them. When they are satiated, they fly away.

Peace, love, and pie baby! I think it works!