More BiiBii Sketches and Future Ideas

Some new sketches building off a prior doodling session. Thinking 3 eyes is more fun to work with than one and allows more emotion. Some arms and hands would be super handy, especially when carrying weapons. Still liking the fur and antennae.

Also, by adding two arms and hands, we can now have this entry-level BiiBii be “ground only” and has to use his hands to walk around (not just float over the ground). This makes more sense as we want to use obstacles to slow them down and why pushing them into water eliminates them from the level (they can’t swim!).

So I think this is where I want to start with the actual modeling in-game. Let’s see if we can make these designs work in Roblox…

Some ideas for animation effects

Where could Attack of the BiiBiis go?

And here are many various ideas that came to me recently. I am writing them down using a trick I learned a long time ago – “If you write it down, you are allowed to forget it.” So, often I will get stuff like this out of my head and in a place I can return to when I need to get back a good idea.


  • “Life Coach” that, when placed on a land, mezmerizes nearby BiiBiis, who form in a circle, ooh and ahh, and do not eat the ground for the duration of the buff. (Tutu Jennie’s idea)
  • Sacrifice a land to make a sink hole or impassable obstruction

Base Upgrades

  • A catipult (the “BiiBii Punter”) that you can point in different directions, it will send any wandering nearby BiiBii off in that direction with a huge push
  • Upgrade the size of your land (adding a new ring around your homebase and pushing OUT all other lands to a new distance)
  • Wall and moat upgrades

Bosses / stronger BiiBiis

  • BiiBiis (differnet color, maybe yellow) who wield a stick and can hurt the player
  • A BiiBii “crab” that can swim and when on land walks faster using super long legs
  • A huge sea monster that appears and attacks lands, to send it away, you feed it BiiBiis using a slingshot or really good aim from your broom
  • “Flying” BiiBii that can float over other obstacles and thus require a more immediate response to manage

Rebirths / end game

  • After X levels, then a rebirth is available; BiiBii strength increases, their score increases, and you repeat the levels
  • New base upgrades or unlocks that require X rebirths to use or get

Level packs?

Instead of gamepasses that make gameplay trivial, what if we sold level packs that give you 10 or so new and different levels that then work inside the existing “rebirth” cycle so they can be upgraded and re-run.