DP84 Data Collecting

DP84 data has been collected using Google Sheets and is presented on this website in real time. If the sheets get updated, the below pages auto-update.

Character List

DP84 Character List – this page is a list of all characters that have come into the DP84 alliance. This list allows us to manage banned people, who is a farm, and who has multiple characters. This list also provides the source for any report at the time we create the report.


Each report is a capture of data in a specific time.

DP84 KvK2 Statistics – the battle and resource contribution data

Stuff I need help with from DP84 R4s

I need some help with this data collection – especially the Character List – to keep it updated and accurate.

How to collect the data for a character

Data collected: Alliance tab/Alliance Members/(pick person)/Info: Power, then “? next to Kill Points, then IV and V (LEFT side for count, NOT points on right), More Info/Dead;

How to collect the data for alliance contributions

Alliance tab/Settings/Rankings/Resource Assistance